Prestage Farms

Animal Welfare

Prestage Farms has a proud legacy of producing pork and turkey in a responsible, ethical, and humane manner.  We are committed to meeting the animal welfare standards we have set for ourselves as well as the standards of our customers and communities.

Our employees and grower families care for our animals on a daily basis which includes providing well maintained housing, adequate food and water, precise ventilation and temperature control, along with humane handling and transportation.  These elements are just a part of the overall healthy environment we maintain for our animals.  Our nutrition staff designs nutritious feeds to keep our animals productive and healthy.

We keep diseases out of our farms by enforcing a strict biosecurity program.  Examples of our advanced biosecurity program include air filtration to prevent airborne diseases, mandatory shower procedures for farm personnel, and disposable boots and coveralls for farm visitors.  Pest control programs are established and maintained to reduce insects, rodents, and wild animals on our farms. Our state of the art washing facilities ensure that our transportation equipment is washed and disinfected at least daily.  When animals do get sick, our veterinary staff provides the appropriate treatment.  When animals are treated, withdrawal periods established by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are followed to ensure they are safe for human consumption.  As a part of the world’s food production system, we are dedicated to producing safe and nutritious food for our customers.

Internal audits ensure proper welfare standards are in place on farms.  Efforts are always present to prevent fear, pain, stress, and suffering.  Animals are treated with respect and dignity throughout their lives.  Protocols are designed and monitored by staff veterinarians to prevent and treat diseases.  When necessary, humane euthanasia is administered to sick or injured animals that do not respond to treatment.  An animal welfare auditor, certified by the Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization (PAACO), is on staff to audit our adherence to our animal welfare objectives.

Our St. Pauls, NC turkey processing plant harvests many of the turkeys we produce.  We are subject to an annual animal welfare audit that is conducted by an outside company.  The balance of our turkey, and all the pork we produce, is sold to processors who share our goal of producing wholesome and safe food in a responsible, ethical, and humane manner.

We utilize the Animal Care Best Management Practices for Production and the Animal Care Best Management Practices for Slaughter as developed by the National Turkey Federation as well as the National Pork Board’s Pork Quality Assurance® Plus and their  Transport Quality Assurance® programs.  These resources assist us in developing our animal welfare standards along with training our animal caregivers.

We look forward to providing wholesome and delicious food for you and your family.

Animal Welfare Statement downloadable PDF