Prestage Farms

Transportation Mechanic Job Description

Prestage Farms of OK

The mechanic will perform repair work and maintenance for vehicle fleet by performing the following duties.

Job Duties:
• Identifies mechanical problems visually and/or with computer diagnostic equipment.
• Responsible for managing and carrying out the building preventative maintenance program.
• Responsible for managing and completing all maintenance and repair requests from transportation sites in a cost effective and timely manner.
• Responsible for establishing and monitoring quality repair standards from internal maintenance personnel.
• Responsible for training maintenance employees.
• Responsible for weekly communication to transportation supervisor for review of maintenance requests.
• Responsible for following bio-security pyramid in all maintenance tasks.
• Responsible for being in compliance with all environmental laws and procedures to which Prestage Farms subscribes.
• Report all environmental issues immediately to their supervisor.
• Read and understand the company’s emergency notification process and will be responsible for reviewing that policy at their worksite.
• Must maintain a safe and orderly shop.
• All other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:
• Valid driver’s license
• Minimum of 3 years of experience in diesel mechanics or a related field
• Excellent organizational skills
• Excellent verbal communications skills
• Must provide own tools to perform job
• Must be able to operate a 4WD truck, tractor and trailer

For more information and ADA requirements, please contact the Texhoma HR Dept. at 580-423-1404.

Interested and qualified applicants may contact the HR Dept. for application or complete application online for Prestage Farms of OK.

If you are a current Prestage Farms employee, contact the HR Dept. for more details about eligibility to apply.