Prestage Farms

Environmental Impact

“Environmental stewardship” involves taking responsibility for our natural resources and requires constant attention to the effects of production practices on the air, land, and water supply.  As an avid sportsman, Bill Prestage has a strong love and respect for nature and natural resources.  This is reflected every day in the conservation practices of Prestage Farms.  Our farm sites and facilities are designed to enhance the environment through management practices that are science-based and proven by years of practical experience.  When choosing colors for the company logo, our iconic blue and green were selected to represent “blue skies” and “green grass”.

Prestage Farms has developed and adheres to production practices that are safe, efficient, and environmentally-responsible.  We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for any action that is detrimental to the natural resources on or around our farms and facilities.  Additionally, we strive to meet and exceed all environmental regulations.  By working closely with our contract grower families, we ensure that a current Nutrient Management Plan is in place on all farms.  We employ full-time environmental and waste-management specialists who ensure these plans are successfully implemented and develop our rapid response plans in case of emergency or natural disaster.

We are dedicated to making food animal production sustainable both economically and environmentally and are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to improve our practices.  We want to not only protect our industry, but ultimately preserve a way-of-life for our farm families and future generations.  Our wood-fired boiler produces steam and green power at one of our NC feed mills. We strive to reduce our fossil-fuel usage with smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles and by minimizing truck routes to reduce mileage.  Our turkey processing plant utilizes solar thermal technology to heat water for sanitation processes.  We project to convert turkey litter to energy in 2016.  This renewable resource will be used to make steam to generate power, pelletize feed, produce nutrient-rich fertilizer, replace natural gas usage at our second NC feed mill, and help utility companies meet their renewable energy mandates.

At Prestage Farms, we are committed to producing wholesome and delicious food for you and your family in an environmentally responsible way.

Environmental Impact Statement downloadable PDF