Prestage Farms

Feed Manufacturing and Grain Purchasing

The production of over one billion pounds of meat per year requires that we produce more than 1,500,000 tons of pork and poultry feed annually—the equivalent of 15,000 train cars of feed each year. We operate five feed mills in four states to manufacture feed for the animals we produce.  Our feed mills are equipped with the most modern feed manufacturing equipment and the feed is formulated by professional nutritionists on staff. To produce such an immense amount of finished feed requires the purchase of considerable feed ingredients.  Over 650,000 bushels of corn, 6,800 tons of soybean meal, and 125,000 bushels of wheat are purchased weekly from local and national sources.  Over 220 ingredient cars are delivered to us by railroad weekly.  Other ingredients include vitamin and mineral premixes; major minerals such as calcium carbonate, phosphorus, and salt; and alternative ingredients such as distilling byproducts for the turkey and hog feeds. All incoming ingredients are assessed to determine if they are of the quality and consistency that we demand.  Only the highest quality ingredients are used to produce feeds for our animals. Through laboratory analyses, we are able to eliminate poor suppliers and locate any deficiencies in the ingredients.  The nutrient content of each ingredient is determined and is used for feed formulation purposes.  Our complex formulation program maintains a nutrient matrix for each ingredient; these data are used to formulate each diet to meet the exact needs of the animals. Younger animals require high protein and low energy diets; whereas, older animals require much more energy for body maintenance.  The individual diets are formulated to ensure that the animals get exactly the nutrients needed for growth and maintenance with as little waste as possible.

Local Grain Buying Program

We pride ourselves in supporting our local farmers by buying as much of our grain as possible locally.  We have recently added several new grain receiving stations conveniently located throughout our growing community to make it as easy as possible for farmers to get their grain to us. Additionally, we have doubled our storage capacity at our 421 feed mill so that we are better able to accommodate the high volume times like that during corn harvest. To learn more about marketing your grain with us, please contact one of our grain purchasing representatives.


Contacts for Grain Purchasing and Receiving Stations

North Carolina Division ·  Jakie Lee – 910.596.5722 ·  Jim Carr – 910.590.7708
South Carolina, Mississippi, and Oklahoma Divisions ·  Jon Ramold – 803.432.6396, ext 2214


North Carolina Receiving Stations
Moltonville Feed Mill

140 Prestage Mill Lane, Clinton NC 28328  (Formerly known as 735 Moltonville Rd.)

421 (Clinton) Feed Mill 4651 Taylors Bridge Hwy, Clinton NC 28328
Harrells Grain 855 Wallace Hwy, Harrells NC 28444
Lyman Grain 1006 Lyman Rd., Beulaville NC 28518
South Carolina Receiving Station
Camden Feed Mill 1889 Highway 1 North, Cassatt SC 29032
Mississippi Receiving Station
Mississippi Feed Mill 1550 West Church Hill Rd, West Point MS 39773
Oklahoma Receiving Station
Texhoma Feed Mill 711 Texas Street, Texhoma OK 73949