Prestage Farms

About Us

Prestage FamilyPrestage fits well with Iowa because – like so many Iowans – our roots are in agriculture and we place high value on our families and communities.

We are a family-owned and run business and have been in Iowa raising pigs for more than a decade. The three Prestage brothers, Ron, Scott, and John, along with their parents, Bill and Marsha, own and actively operate the business.

We farm and run our business based on our family values and the operating philosophy outlined when Bill and Marsha established the company in 1983:

  • Treat people like people
  • Don’t just follow the rules, exceed the rules
  • Seek to do business with good people, and make sure every business deal is beneficial for all parties involved

Our business model in Iowa takes advantage of the existing rich farming heritage by aligning with local, Iowa-based businesses and farm families for services like animal care, feed production, maintenance and transportation.