Prestage Farms


Prestage Farms cares about the environment. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for any action that is detrimental to natural resources on or around our farms and facilities.

Iowa Farm

We have multiple environmental services directors who oversee use of the most up-to-date processes to ensure we are taking care of the land, air and water.

The new plant will use state-of-the-art systems to clean the air, as well as reduce water and energy needs. The plant will:

  • Recover heat from the rendering system to supply hot water for the plant, reducing energy consumption for hot water.
  • Reduce water consumption by more than 50 percent with the use of a unique scalding system for processing.
  • Reuse water to reduce the overall need for water and wastewater treatment.
  • Reduce energy consumption with energy-efficient lighting and electrical components.
  • Capture methane to use as energy.
  • Use modern air scrubbing technology to clean air before it is circulated back outside.
  • Reduce air emissions by enclosing any areas that may emit odors.