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Prestage Foods of Iowa is currently accepting applications and resumès for all positions.

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The new Prestage Foods plant will employ more than 900 full-time workers.  

Starting hourly pay at the new plant will be $15.50 for entry level Production Team Members, plus benefits, and these team members will be eligible for an increase to $15.95 per hour after 60 days of employment.

We aim to be a preferred employer. There will be a variety of jobs – ranging from line workers to engineers, as well as accountants and managers. Additionally, we have not and will not use a temporary agency to recruit and hire for our company. All people will join us directly as full-time employees, and will receive full benefits after their initial 60 days of employment. We will offer affordable family healthcare, overtime, paid time off, company paid life insurance, 401k matching and paid holidays.

We know meat processing is hard work, so we provide an environment that keeps employees safe and happy. All our employees are cross-trained within departments, and rotate through the department each day. This helps cut down on injuries and keeps workers engaged. We also hire locally, prioritize promoting within and offer a strong internship program.


Here’s what some of our employees in our turkey processing plant have to say:

“It’s a good place to work and the Prestage family is a good family to work for. I’ve worked for other family-owned businesses, but this family blows my mind. They treat everyone equally and provide us with a lot of opportunity to advance and be promoted from within. We strive to be the best. If we wouldn’t eat it, we are told not to pack it.” ~14-year employee

“I love to come to work. I started on the line, and have worked my way up. Everyone is respected and appreciated. Management is accessible. They treat people well, and work with people to try to meet their needs and help them do their best.” ~15-year employee

“I love working for Prestage Foods. They pay well and treat us good. I like that worker safety is a No. 1 priority. Everything is a team effort. We are respected and our work is appreciated from the top down.” ~13-year employee