Prestage Farms

Prequalification & Bidding Information

Prestage Foods of Iowa is the newest addition to the Prestage Farms family of companies.

Front Elevation

Epstein is the Design-Builder for a new 700,000+ square foot pork-processing facility for Prestage Foods of Iowa located on a 160-acre site at the corner of Highway 17 and 320th Street in Eagle Grove, Iowa. This facility will initially process 10,000 hogs a day on a single shift, eventually increasing to 20,000 hogs a day when a second shift is added. This facility is expected to be slab on-grade, consisting of frost depth footings, precast wall panels/insulated metal panels, and metal bar joists for the roof. In addition to the main building, there are two additional facilities – a 20,000 square foot Rendering precast structure building featuring air scrubbers and a 10,000 square foot Waste Water Pre-treatment precast structure featuring a FEB tank and multi-stage DAF’s.

Contractors and subcontractors that would like the opportunity to bid on the project are required to fill out the Prequalification Checklist to be considered.  If a contractor or subcontractor meets the requirements listed therein, then they will receive a more detailed prequalification form from the general contractor, Epstein Global.  Once this form is received, selected contractors and subcontractors will receive an Invitation to Bid.  If a contractor or subcontractor does NOT meet the requirements listed in the Prequalification Checklist, then they will receive an Alternative Subcontractor form in order to be placed in a database of potential subcontractors. 

Materials & Equipment vendors as well as operational goods and services providers DO NOT need to fill out a Prequalification Checklist.  These vendors and service providers need only fill out the Supplier Information Form to be entered into a database of potential providers.

Prequalification Checklist  

Supplier Information Form


Epstein Presentation at Vendor Outreach Fair 

If you have questions about how you can be involved with the project or about the bidding process, please Prestage Foods or Epstein Global.