Prestage Farms

The Plant

New PlantThe new plant will be the most advanced processing facility in the world with a total capital investment in excess of $240 million.

The plant, which is scheduled to be operational in March of 2019, will use:

  • Latest technology to reduce water and energy needs
  • State-of-the-art process systems and robotic equipment
  • Ergonomically designed work stations to reduce manual labor

The two-year project to construct the plant will employ Iowa contractors from many disciplines, including steel workers, plumbers, electricians, fabricators, millwrights, pipe fitters, concrete installers, excavators, landscapers, roofers and countless others. As its architect and general contractor, Prestage is using Epstein Contractors from Chicago because of their extensive experience in building food plants across the globe.  Epstein will hire mostly Iowa contractors to build the proposed Prestage plant.

Animal care is important to us. We plan to involve industry experts on animal handling in designing the facility.

We have animal welfare practices and training in place to ensure pigs receive the utmost care. We use the most up-to-date practices and technology to ensure pigs are treated well in transportation and in our processing facilities. Truckers are Transport Quality Assurance® certified.

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