Prestage Farms

Our Support Services

Laboratory Services

Two laboratories, including feed and diagnostics, provide services to the Prestage Farms animal production divisions.  These facilities conduct daily analyses to ensure the quality of the animals produced.

The feed laboratory conducts a variety of tests on the feed ingredients used and the feeds produced for animal consumption.  This facility works in conjunction with the staff animal nutritionist and feed manufacturing personnel to ensure that all ingredients meet our quality standards thus ensuring the quality of the finished product that is ultimately fed to our animals.

Our diagnostic laboratory conducts bacteriology and virology analysis on turkeys and swine samples to provide immediate treatment options.  Serology and parasitology testing as well as in-house vaccine production is also provided.  The diagnostic laboratory is overseen by company veterinarians who specialize in the treatment of pork and poultry.  These veterinarians are available 24 hours a day to make certain all our animals’ health and welfare needs are met in order to optimize their growth potential.

General Administration

Administrative, accounting, and information technology services are provided to our animal production divisions.  Production control, including the sale and movement of the animals, is coordinated centrally to ensure just-in-time scheduling and execution.  Administrative and accounting employees are available to grower families, vendors, customers, and other employees for information and assistance.  Payments are made weekly to grower families, employees, and vendors; turkey flock and swine herd sales information is maintained; and inventory items are accounted for; all to ultimately produce the company’s financial statements.


Central supply purchasing and inventory management are provided through warehouse facilities.  We are a member of Ag Provision, Inc., an inter-integrator supply purchasing group that makes high-volume purchases which afford price negotiation and benefit the company as well as our contract grower families.

Purchasers acquire over 650,000 bushels of corn, 6,800 tons of soybean meal, and 125,000 bushels of wheat weekly along with other ingredients to produce the feed needed for our animals.  We pride ourselves in supporting our local economy by buying as much as possible of our provisions, including supplies and feed ingredients, locally.  In the past few years, we have greatly expanded our local grain buying capability by not only expanding the storage capacity at our feed mills, but also by creating external grain receiving stations.

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Fleet Services

We operate a large fleet that includes a range of vehicles from small cars and trucks for service and support staff to tractor-trailers used for hauling feed and animals.  The transportation department is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep on all of these vehicles. In addition, the fleet’s operation and upkeep documentation are kept in accordance with Department of Transportation regulations.