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What began with only 500 sows in 1983 is now one of the nation’s largest family-owned and operated pork producers.  The Prestage Farms herd has over 180,000 premium sows which are bred, fed, and managed for the production of lean, nutritious pork.  We produce about 1 billion pounds of pork annually and are very competitive nationally in production statistics such as daily weight gain, livability, feed conversion, and pig farrowing rates.

Our production facilities consist of genetic breeding, farrowing, nursery, and finishing buildings.  These state-of-the-art facilities are designed to optimize the environment in which the animals live.  Our facilities and equipment are operated in a safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner.  We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for any production practice that results in a detriment to our animals or the earth’s natural resources.

Our sow herd is managed by highly-skilled, Pork Quality Assurance Plus (PQA+) certified employees who administer our animal husbandry practices.  Sows are housed in barns designed to optimize their nutrition and health during the gestation period before being moved to facilities specially designed for birth and lactation.

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Weaned pigs are received by one of our contract grower families who care for them until it is time for them to go to one of our contract finishing farms where they will be grown to market specifications.

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Photo courtesy of Dean Houghton, National Hog Farmer

We strive to protect the environment in our daily operations.  As part of our environmental sustainability program, all effluent from company-owned farms is used as fertilizer on our pastures which are in turn used for grazing and hay production to feed our cattle herd.

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