Prestage Farms

Pig Production

Prestage’s vertically integrated production process affords a number of strategic advantages that allow us to be one of the most efficient pork producers in the United States.  One such advantage is our premium genetic stock which we purchase from Smithfield Premium Genetics.  Our commercial pig genetic lines have evolved over time and currently include Large White, Landrace, and Duroc.  Through our selection program, we retain the best female genetics possible to produce the best pigs possible.

We maintain four artificial insemination (AI) centers or boar studs where boars provide semen for mating sows.  Artificial insemination allows us to utilize superior male genetics for meat quality and efficient growth.  To reduce the risk of disease, these facilities are equipped with the foremost in air-filtration technology.

All of our sows are managed by highly skilled employees who administer our animal husbandry practices.  Sows are housed in barns designed to optimize their nutrition and health during the gestation period before being moved to facilities designed for birth (farrowing) and lactation where they will stay with their pigs until weaning.

At 20+ days of age, pigs are weaned and moved to off-site nursery facilities.  They are moved in trailers that are specially-designed to optimize the comfort and safety of the pigs during their movement.  All pigs are handled and moved by Transport Quality Assurance®(TQA) certified drivers who are trained to minimize stress during movement.

Welfare is a HIGH priority for us.  All of our pigs are raised on farms that follow the good production practices outlined in the Pork Quality Assurance® Plus (PQA+) program.  All of our employees that work directly with the animals are PQA+ certified.  Service personnel, along with farm managers, assure that all animals are monitored and cared for daily.  Additionally, we participate in the “We Care” initiative which demonstrates our commitment to our animals, employees, neighbors, and the environment.