Prestage Farms

The Piercy Family

C & C Farms is the family owned farm of Jammie, Kim, Chase and Carlie Piercy.  While the livestock is a relatively recent addition to the operation, the land on which the family lives and works has been in the family for generations, dating back to 1740.  Currently, the Piercys have both nursery and finishing hog operations as well as a turkey brooder hub.  They also have a cow/calf operation. 

The Piercys are known throughout the community for their hard work and dedication not only to their family and farm, but as livestock agricultural advocates.  They are active as a family with different livestock programs, traveling as a family to livestock shows, seminars and certification trainings.  The Piercys are also leaders in the area through community service work, volunteering with various 4-H activities and promoting agriculture among the youth of Sampson County. 

Their Story…

“This is a family operated farm.  We work as a team with each of us having our own responsibilities in keeping the farming operation running smoothly.  We began in 1998 with a sow farm that was later converted to a nursery.  Since then, our children have grown and shown interest in the farm operation, allowing us to expand.  We enjoy working with livestock.  We are blessed that we can work side by side as a family on a daily basis, learning from the experiences each day brings in the life of a farming family.  We are very proud of our children and their accomplishments.  We feel that a family that works together, stays together.”      ̴ Kim Piercy