Prestage Farms

The Herring Family

Andy Herring is the fourth generation to have been born and raised on his family’s farm.  Originally, the farm was a large tobacco and row crop farm.  Today, he, along with his wife and family, manage a diversified farming operation that includes not only their turkey operation, but 750 acres of row crops, growing corn, wheat, and soybeans.  Since Andy returned to the family farm in 2002, he has added over 150 acres of additional cropland and three full-time employees with the goal of continuing his expansion.  Their operation also does custom harvesting on 1500-2000 additional acres for other area farmers.

Their Story…

“In 2002, I returned home to start farming for myself.  No longer producing tobacco, I grew corn, wheat and soybeans.  In 2005, my wife Joy and I were married, and over the next year, we continually talked about how we could increase profitability on the farm without the high expense of tobacco equipment and extensive labor costs.  We researched several options, and talked with many growers in our area about both turkey and chicken production.  When we met with Prestage Farms about growing turkeys, our decision was much easier to make.    We decided to go with Prestage Farms because of their reputation as a family-owned business built from the ground up.   We felt that the addition of a state-of-the-art turkey farm would help generate a stable increase in revenue while requiring a small amount of land and additional labor. Now, having a daughter of our own, Hayden – Joy and I have a renewed love for this farm and all it produces.  We love watching her grow, learn, and make memories that may one day lead her back home to farm as well.  ” ~Andy Herring