Prestage Farms

The Lamb Family

James, along with his wife Felicia, their daughters Maegan and Kensley, and his mother live and work on Lamb Farm. Their contract nursery farm is located on a 75-acre tract where James grew-up. Additionally, they have a few cows that graze the spray fields that accompany the nursery operation.

James is not only a contract grower and Prestage Farms employee, but an outspoken industry advocate. He is an active member of the North Carolina Pork Council (NCPC), where he sits on the board, as well as the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) and National Pork Board (NPB) where he serves as a delegate for North Carolina. He is also on the nominating committee for the NPB and Cape Fear Farm Credit (CFFC). For North Carolina Soil and Water Conservation, he has been appointed a District Supervisor for Sampson County. In addition to these activities, James actively participates in lobby days and other political activities to aid the industry.

Their Story…

“After I interned with Prestage in the summer of 1994, I realized I liked pigs, with nursery being my favorite stage of production. After graduation in 1996, I was fortunate to have multiple job offers, but Prestage was my first choice. I thought if I took a job with one of our local companies and built a nursery farm, I could make a decent living and stay in Sampson County. Prestage Farms seemed like the perfect fit for me. They are a family owned and operated business in my community that is large enough to be a major player in the industry yet small enough to know your name and in some cases, like mine, your “nickname.” ~James Lamb a.k.a. “Cookie”