Prestage Farms

Brooding and Growout

Hours after hatch, poults are processed and delivered to one of our contract grower families where they are fed and cared for until achieving market weight.  These families share our vision of quality, competitiveness, and environmental responsibility.  As with our laying facilities, all of our growing farms allow all birds free-range inside the barns with free access to food and water at all times.

Commercial live production consists of two unique growing phases: brooding and growout.  The brooding phase lasts between four and six weeks, depending on the time of year.  Poults are placed on the brooder farm in a clean, environmentally-controlled barn only hours after they are hatched so these barns are equipped with supplemental heat as well as free-choice, automated feed and water systems.  Additionally, in the brooding barns, bedding is cleaned out and replaced for every new flock to ensure that each group gets a “fresh” start.

After the brooding phase, turkeys are moved to growout barns where they will finish growing until they achieve market weight.  This movement is necessary to ensure that all of the turkeys have the space they need to thrive.  Our growout facilities are also equipped with automated feed and water systems as well as supplemental cooling systems to keep the birds as comfortable as possible in the summer.

Once the turkeys have achieved market weights, they are harvested at one of two facilities.  Turkeys produced in North Carolina are harvested and sold at our Prestage Foods turkey processing plant located in St. Pauls, NC.  Turkeys produced by the Prestage Farms of South Carolina division are sold to KraftHeinz.