Prestage Farms

Egg Production

Our turkey breedstock is carefully managed in company-owned facilities that are operated on an all-in, all-out flow allowing for the highest level of biosecurity.  Turkey breeders are reared on farms that are specially designed to allow the birds to grow and reach the appropriate weight prior to maturity.  Once they reach the desired weight, they are transferred to laying farms, allowing them free range inside a naturally ventilated house with supplemental cooling during summer heat.

Highly qualified employees staff our farms and are specially trained in artificial insemination techniques.  Hens are inseminated in such a way as to not only ensure maximum fertility but minimize stress to the turkeys.

All of our egg laying farms are equipped with automatic nesting systems.  Eggs are collected multiple times per day ensuring that all hens have the opportunity to lay their eggs in the nest of their choosing.  After collection, eggs are immediately sanitized and transferred to our state-of-the-art hatchery.