Prestage Farms

Our Hatchery

The Prestage Farms hatchery is one of the largest single-stage turkey hatcheries in the world.  Upon arrival, eggs begin a 28-day process that includes incubation and processing.  Our facility is scientifically designed to optimize turkey incubation and hatching.

Eggs are held for the first 25 days in one of our “single-stage” machines.  These machines are called single-stage because all of the eggs within the machine are at the same stage of incubation.  This allows for more precise control of the incubation process as well as increased biosecurity and sanitation.  At day 25, eggs are transferred to hatchers that are specifically designed to provide optimal conditions for poults to hatch.  Approximately 355,000 poults are hatched at our facility each week to supply the poults for both our North Carolina and South Carolina operations.