Prestage Farms

Our Growers

We are honored to be affiliated with over 450 farm families across North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, and Iowa. These families have joined with us to produce over 1.3 billion pounds of pork and turkey annually by contributing the land they love, the buildings they own, and their daily animal management expertise.

Prestage Farms delivers genetically superior animals to our grower families along with feed that has been formulated for the animals’ specific needs. When necessary, veterinary supplies and diagnostic lab evaluations are provided to the growers along with management and environmental support services. Prestage transports the animals to market when the appropriate weight is achieved.

Our growers share the Prestage Farms commitment to producing pork and turkey in a responsible, ethical, and humane manner. These families are the backbone of the Prestage team and operate their farms and equipment in an environmentally responsible manner.  They understand that their everyday actions will have a lasting impact on their livelihood, our natural resources, and the future of our world.

Hear From Our Growers

The Herring Family

Dunn, NC

Andy Herring is the fourth generation to have been born and raised on his family’s farm.  Originally, the farm was a large tobacco and row crop farm.  Today, he, along with his wife and family, manage a diversified farming operation that includes not only their turkey operation, but 750 acres of row crops, growing corn, wheat, and soybeans.

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The Lamb Family

Clinton, NC

James, along with his wife Felicia, their daughters Maegan and Kensley, and his mother live and work on Lamb Farm. Their contract nursery farm is located on a 75-acre tract where James grew-up. Additionally, they have a few cows that graze the spray fields that accompany the nursery operation.

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The Piercy Family

Clinton, NC

C & C Farms is the family owned farm of Jammie, Kim, Chase and Carlie Piercy.  While the livestock is a relatively recent addition, to the operation, the land on which the family lives and works has been in the family for generations, dating back to 1740.  Currently, the Piercy’s have both nursery and finishing hog operations as well as a turkey brooder hub.  They also have a cow/calf operation.

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The Bullard Family

Stedman, NC

Collins Bullard & his father, along with Collins’s wife Alison and their 2 sons, Garrett and Jack, own and operate Bullard Farms.  At this time, Bullard Farms manages a diversified 1,500 acres of field corn, wheat, soybeans, hay watermelons and sweet corn.  The farm produces 180,000 Tom turkeys annually for Prestage Farms.

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